Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Annual Holiday Photoshoots are Now a Popular Way to Preserve Good Memories

Annual Holiday Photoshoots are Now a Popular Way to Preserve Good Memories

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The annual holiday photoshoot is the one of the current trends nowadays. Ever since the Covid-19 crisis hit us, we have learned to value ourselves and the people we love more, as life is too unpredictable.

Back to the current trend, the very first thing that comes to mind is: ‘Is this annual holiday photoshoot worth it?’. Just so you know, I also contemplated this question.

This year, we have chosen to have an annual holiday photoshoot for the first time. We put a lot of effort into finalizing all the things we needed to do to make this event happen and memorable. After a long search, we settled on booking an appointment at Redsnaps Studio. Despite its distance from us, we still avail their hour-long session for both their Christmas settings for only 3,899 pesos. That’s an amazing deal, isn’t it?

Their Santa’s workshop was the initial setting, followed by their Chateau Noel and Japandi Joy. The studio place was clean, fully air-conditioned and cosy.

The photographer and owner, Ms. Joanne Larga, was both highly professional and had a excellent personality. She put in a lot of work to take a good picture of my girls because, as you all know, kids’ moods are very unpredictable. Even though we’ve already exceeded a couple of minutes from our one-hour session, she offered us the chance to take more shots and she was generous enough to give us more hard copies of what we expected to receive. Yay!

My family, as well as my sister-in-law and her son, enjoyed this experience. We look forward to doing this annual holiday photoshoot again in the future! I can now also change our family portrait at home with an updated one.

Now, let me answer the question we’ve mentioned above. Is this trend worth it? Certainly, it is indeed! To ensure a smooth photoshoot experience, make sure to choose the right photo studio.