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Another Idea for Parents to Try When Celebrating Kid’s Birthdays

Another Idea for Parents to Try When Celebrating Kid’s Birthdays

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Celebrating your child’s birthday is something you look forward to when you become a parent because it’s a great opportunity to gather your family, relatives, and friends. There are families who organize a kid’s party, others who decide to travel outside the city, and others who have other plans. And, whatever you choose to do for your child’s special day, I know that it’s a means of expressing your love and appreciation for his life.

This month of January, we celebrated my firstborn’s fourth birthday and I was surprised to receive an unsolicited comment from an acquaintance about how we celebrate my daughter’s special day after uploading a few highlight photos. I felt judged and belittled for not meeting the society’s expectations, but I ignored them and blocked and unfriended her to keep my peace in check.

Little did they know that we celebrated my kid’s birthday for a whole week. Despite not hosting a big party or going out of town, we made sure that my kid had an enjoyable, fun and memorable birthday by fulfilling her wishes.

I have listed her wishes below, if you’re curious to know.
✔️ Jollibee treat for her classmates and teachers
✔️ Solo playtime at Kidzoona
✔️ Buy a new pair of shoes and personal stuff
✔️ Dessert snacks from Nine Fresh
✔️ Dine-in to a place that full of flowers (Vanilla Cafe)
✔️ A purple cake and purple drinks
✔️ Visit the new indoor playground with her sisters, fave cousin and aunt

These may seem common, but for us, giving them the freedom to choose and respecting their decisions is what really matters the most. They can only be children once, so let’s acknowledge their feelings and respect their choices. Let them be on their own and let parents be parents.