Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Celebrating Thanksgiving with Kenny Rogers Roasters’ Great Garlic Feast

Celebrating Thanksgiving with Kenny Rogers Roasters’ Great Garlic Feast

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In countries such as the United States, Thanksgiving is a holiday that is anticipated and celebrated as a sign of peace, thankfulness, and the start of the holiday season. Despite the fact that Thanksgiving is not celebrated in our current society, some Filipinos still consider it a tradition because it was once celebrated in our country.

Our family doesn’t usually celebrate this holiday because we often forget about it, and it’s not recognized as a regular or special day in the Philippines. Luckily this year, we’re able to celebrate it with my Kenny Rogers Roasters faves.

Our table was filled with Kenny Rogers’ Great Garlic Roast and Burger Steak. Every bite of their signature roasted chicken is infused with a unique herb and spice blend that bursts with bold garlic flavors, and we enjoy it with every bite. Their mouthwatering 1/3 pound garlic burger steak is also something we indulge ourselves in, and it comes with 2 side dishes, a muffin, and rice.

We were finally able to give their new Ensaymada muffins a try! It combines savory and sweet with a delicious fusion of smoky cheese and sweet cream, garnished with grated cheese.

Our Thanksgiving celebration was fantastic and brimming with mouthwatering dishes. This Christmas holiday, we’re looking forward to having the Kenny Rogers Roasters’ Great Garlic feast again!