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Important Points to Consider When Planning a Baptismal

Important Points to Consider When Planning a Baptismal

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One of the biggest milestones in your child’s life is entering the Christian world with a baptismal ceremony surrounded by family and close friends. Therefore, this significant day should be planned according to your preference.

You may feel overwhelmed or anxious if you’re arranging a baptismal for the first time. I feel you, mama! To tell you, I haven’t done anything like this on my firstborn, as she was baptized during the peak of the pandemic. That’s why we didn’t mind preparing a baptismal celebration for her. We decided not to personally invite anyone due to safety reasons, and we are glad that our family and friends understood the situation.

And back to our discussion, I have compiled a list of important details that you should take into account. So, let’s begin the planning process!

Set an estimated budget
This allows you to calculate your possible expenses and can help you plan out your event without compromising your finances.

Organize with the church
Make arrangements with your priest, deacon, or minister to coordinate the ceremony. Request the availability of dates and times along with their baptismal reminders, seminars and other information, so you can fully plan your next move.

We decided to settle the place of our child’s baptismal ceremony in Cathedral-Shrine and Parish of the Good Shepherd (Diocese of Novaliches). They have a private ceremony that costs 1500 pesos and mass ceremony for only 300 pesos. The church will ask for your child’s birth certificate and parent’s valid id.

Choose your child’s godparents
To aid you in selecting your newborn’s godparents, create a list of people who are closest to you and your spouse. Select those who can take on the role of second parents for your baby. Be mindful that godparents have a significant impact on a child’s life, so choose wisely. Inform them weeks or months in advance so they can arrange their schedule accordingly.

Admit it or not, there’s some part of ourselves that we’re too shy to ask our chosen godparents for this title. Well, I have a tip for you! Try to create an invitation saying ‘Will you be my godparent?’ that you can send to them. The next step is to wait for their response.

Finalize the number of guests
As soon as you get the approval of acceptance from your child’s godparents. You can now make a final number of guests and can now inform your immediate family and/or friends about this event.

If you’re on a limited budget, making an RSVP along with a line, “We have reserved __ seat(s) in your honor.”, can save you from uninvited visitors.

Choose the best reception
Consider selecting a venue that is near the church to ensure your guests can easily locate it. When searching for a reception, promptly ask if they offer food/event packages and if they have available parking spaces. This will save you a great deal of time!

We chose La Mija Spanish Italian Restaurant and Cafe for the reception as it offers a unique menu and experience that we think is worth dining for. To tell you, I am not a big fan of traditional Filipino foods when it comes to hosting an event because I believe that guests would really enjoy having a different food experience. Kumbaga, worth it ang pagpunta!

Pick the right souvenirs
It’s not as easy as it sounds to give something away on the occasion of your child’s christening, especially when you’ve had enough of the ‘baby on a pram’ figurine. I carefully selected a few items that are practical, attractive and affordable. I ordered transparent handbag, scented candle, glass water cup and customized letter soap online for the godparents and guests.

Hire a photographer
Hiring a professional event photographer is an excellent way to document and capture your baby’s milestone moments. We’re very fortunate that we have a professional photographer in our family that we always hire whenever we have an occasion. This allows us to entertain our guests and enjoy the celebration.

Although it may appear to be an extra expense for some people, it’s actually a great investment. We’re confident that we’ll have lovely photographs to remember the occasion for many years.

Need a photographer? Our uncle can be hired for your next occasion. For your convenience, I have included his details below.

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