Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Mary Grace Cafe’s Banana Bella

Mary Grace Cafe’s Banana Bella

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As soon as BER months began, I was aware that our schedule would be busy and full due to our immediate and extended family celebrations.

In order to make up for our many celebrations, we had Mary Grace Cafe’s dessert creation, Banana Bella, served as a cake.

Upon taking the first bite, we stated to each other that we would definitely be fond of this. Without overtaking the taste of fresh bananas, ganache, and butter crust, the thick cream and crunchy almonds complement the entire tart. The smoothness and creaminess are well balanced, the flavors are genuine and authentic, and the texture and consistency are both thick and smooth. In actuality, it’s preferable to eat when it’s frozen.

Moreover, the combination of the fresh bananas, Belgian truffle ganache, rich custard cream over a buttery pie crust and topped with toasted sliced almonds gives off a summer vibe amidst the rainy season. All in all, it is a scrumptious dessert with an alluring mix of heavenly flavors. This is something I would highly recommend to anyone, whether they have a sweet tooth or not.

Get yourself a sweet treat! Get this creation at any Mary Grace Cafe branches or kiosks. You may also order through their website, www.marygracecafe.com