Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Matching Dresses for Baby and Kids

Matching Dresses for Baby and Kids

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Raising a baby girl is an experience filled with fun, challenges, and memories. It’s impossible to deny that seeing our children’s grace and innocence on this journey fills our hearts with inspiration and beauty.

As a mother of three beautiful girls, I have the chance to indulge in various activities, such as shopping for dolls, shoes, and cute dresses particularly when there’s an important event we need to attend to.

Last week, I spent a lot of time searching for dresses for my girls because we were arranging a family photo shoot in 3 days. I have been browsing through all the known kiddie clothing brands online, hoping to find three perfect matching dresses that will make my girls look more stunning during the shoot. But, I had to give up browsing due to the fact that most of the dresses I liked didn’t have sizes available for my youngest daughter.

I made the decision to buy from the mall the following day. As I visited different boutiques, finding suitable sizes and designs was our biggest challenge. Some sizes were unavailable, some designs were common, and some were too flashy for my fashion preferences.

After a while, I opted to enter the department store and discovered two sister clothing brands, Lemon Kiss and Baby Me — that offer a great variety of baby and kids clothes. Besides matching pieces, the quality of fabrics and styles they use are what really stand out to me and I think that their price point for each dress is justifiable.

Generally speaking, I have never regretted purchasing dresses from them and will always include their brand name in my list. If matching your kids’ clothes is a struggle like mine, give their pieces a shot.