Thursday, April 25, 2024

Park Avenue Desserts’ Strawberry Mango Bloom Review

Park Avenue Desserts’ Strawberry Mango Bloom Review

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We can’t deny that the taste of sweetness is the ultimate comfort food for most Filipinos. Cake is one of the most favorite sweets we crave, regardless of the occasion. You can’t go wrong with Park Avenue Desserts’ Strawberry Mango Bloom — one of their best selling cakes.

It has a soft layer of sponge cake, fresh slices of strawberry and mangoes, and an abundant amount of cream that covers every inner and outer layer of the cake plus it was wrapped with a generous piece of meringue sticks that gives a perfect final touch.

Do you know what I love the most about this cake? It wasn’t sweet at all which I really enjoy eating at one sitting without being fed-up. Everything is well-balanced according to my taste preferences and I can’t wait to try their other signature cakes.

Complete your day with Park Avenue Desserts’ signature cakes and artisans breads for yout much-deserved self-indulgent treat. Find them at Grab Food, Food Panda, Pickaroo, and Eatigo. You may give them a call, 0916-475-8547 or drop a DM on their social media pages.