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Sleepery | Organic Bamboo Bedding

Sleepery | Organic Bamboo Bedding

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Undeniably, Filipinos are very good at keeping their own valuables that could pass to their next generation. Apart from jewelry, kitchenware, and furniture, bed linens and pillow covers are also included in the list that ring a bell.

It definitely feels great to have things that have been passed down on from our beloved great-grandparents, grandparents, or even our own parents, right? Such a tangible treasure that holds memories.

What if these stuff causes you a never ending cycle of sneezing, runny or blocked nose, watery eyes and cough? Are you willing to toss them away? Well, in our case, as we take steps to avoid the allergen that provokes our allergic rhinitis, we’re ready to get rid of our decade-old bed linens and pillow covers for our own sake since we have all been diagnosed with this atopic disease.

My kids’ pediatrician, who specializes in allergy-immunology, advised us to change our linens weekly, along with keeping our whole household clean and sanitized. But still, there has been no improvement in our health.

Saying goodbye to our decade-old bed linens and say hello to our family’s new bed linen brand — Sleepery, that is made from 100% organic bamboo fiber, making it naturally cool, luxuriously soft (3x softer than cotton) and hypoallergenic.

To tell you, I can’t really choose between their six stylish colors because all of them are so pretty! We decided to try out Lavender Blush first because our children are fond of the purple color touch and it comes in 3pc set (1 x fitted sheet + 2 pillow cases).

It has been almost a month since I started using this brand, I’ve observed that we don’t wake up with watery eyes and sneezing anymore, and my children have fewer postnasal drips and coughing. Very ideal for me and family.

If you want to reduce allergens in your home, have sensitive skin, or simply want a more luxurious bedding option, Sleepery is the perfect choice.

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Sleepery. Coolest Sleep, Naturally.

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