Friday, May 24, 2024

Social Media Break in the First Month of the Year

Social Media Break in the First Month of the Year

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Since the beginning of 2024, a lot of my friends and followers have noted that I haven’t kept up with my social media accounts since my daughter’s pre-birthday post on January 18. Even though this isn’t my first time lying low, I know that many of them are interested in knowing my life update.

To be honest, I haven’t really felt like myself in the past few weeks. My family caught a sickness during the first to second week of January and I had lost someone who was dear to me, which resulted in my multiple breakdowns and pass up new opportunities. Although there was sadness and grief, I was able to hold onto my spirit during my first born’s birthday which I vividly remember sharing some snippets of her special day and post-birthday gala through stories or ‘my day’.

Still, I’m grateful for all the messages I’ve received from my followers during this period, and I’m committed to returning to my normal routine in the first week of February.