Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Sofie’s TVC screening journey

Sofie’s TVC screening journey

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‘Opportunity knocks only once’, these words that my high school teacher used to say to us stuck in my mind for almost 14 years now and have become my life motto.

Now that I have gone through a lot of things. These words are always on my mind whenever I encounter an opportunity, whether I’m uncertain about the outcome. I’ve become adept at taking the leap that pushes me beyond my comfort zone.

And speaking of opportunities, my family has been blessed with great news that our youngest daughter made it to the last TVC cast selection screening for a medicine brand last March 12 after a good friend of mine presented our Sofie to the casting agents and the client. Our little girl was successful in securing a spot for the final casting despite the fact that many babies were screened for the titles of final ‘approved talent’ and ‘fallback talent’.

As someone new to this field, it’s essential to complete everything as quickly as possible due to the tight schedule, particularly when applying for the DOLE working child permit. Fortunately, everything is quickly settled and ready.

We took part in their antigen testing, workshop, and fitting session to finish the remaining details needed. I’m in awe seeing and meeting the entire cast, including the approved and fallback talents, production crews, and even the director himself. And before that day ends, we were told that Sofie is a fallback talent or, in short, a backup.

I never felt sad nor disappointed when I heard about it. In fact, I’m grateful! … Why? The fact that Sofie secured the other spot for the final casting leads them to see potential in my child. Not just because of her fair skin and good looking face, but rather her charming and catchy facial expression.

Everyone loves her and they look forward to seeing our little Sofie on the next projects that need a cute, fun and happy baby!

It’s true that opportunities only occur once, and you never know if you’ll have another chance. Take advantage of it and let your choices shape your destiny. Always live with a grateful heart!