Saturday, April 13, 2024

The Medical Avenue’s First Medical Mission

The Medical Avenue’s First Medical Mission

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As 2024 unlocks new beginnings and possibilities. The Medical Avenue has planned their first Pap Smear Medical Mission that took place in Barangay Fairview Park, Quezon City on February 8, 2024 with the collaboration of Hon. Jose Arnel Quebal.

Three skilled and experienced doctors from The Medical Avenue in the lead of Dr. Jelene Copuaco-Vendivil, Dr. Kaye Batongbakal-Esmeris and Dr. Jillian Kaye Faustino, along with their medical team, put in a lot of effort and time to spreading the message about the significance of Pap smear tests.

(Dr. Kaye Batongbakal-Esmeris (left), Dr. Jillian Kaye Faustino (middle), Dr. Jelene Copuaco-Vendivil (right))

50 women from the area were assisted and given knowledge about cervical cancer and how getting a regular Pap smear test can help them prevent it. Everyone was treated with care and provided with a self-care bag as a freebie.

The Medical Avenue remains committed to providing exceptional care and quality services to everyone by addressing a variety of human needs while striving to make an impact and convey the positive impact to the community.

They offer consultations, check-ups, and more. Check out their ENT, OB-GYN, Urology, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, General Surgery, General Ultrasound, Colorectal Surgery, and Diagnostics for your healthcare needs. They can be found at 27B LHD Commercial Space, Commonwealth Fairview, Quezon City near Polylite Commonwealth, and their business hours are from 8am to 5pm on a daily basis.

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