Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Unboxing Something Special with Goldilocks

Unboxing Something Special with Goldilocks

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Does your family have a funny/witty group names?

Since our kids are still young, we haven’t attempted to call our family members clever names, unlike most families. Nonetheless, our home is always brimming with fun and laughter because Aria has an imaginative mind. When she wanted to play or tease us, she sometimes called us by animal names like wombat, beluga whale, parrot, stingray, monkey, and more. 😅

But mostly, she always makes fun and gives life to anything she sees. Like this Christmas Rainbow Magic, she told us that this pretty cake symbolizes our family.

She named the three chiffon colors after her and her sisters’ names: Elle (pink), Sofie (white), and Aria (purple). She also mentioned that the vanilla icing represents her dad, while the icing decorations on top represent me (her mom), and the sprinkles are meant for Jandi, our dog. ✨

It’s incredible that she came up with that idea by utilizing Goldilocks’ Christmas Rainbow Magic, a concept that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. Unbox something special with Goldilocks this holidays with your loved ones. 🌈